Split 12" w/ PINKO


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Matt Perrin - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Gustafson - Bass
Sam Hutchinson - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Justin Mantooth in May 2016
at Westend Recording Studio in Kansas City, KS

Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering in Portland, OR

Produced by Bummer

Artwork by Matt Barnes

Layout, inserts, and jackets by Oddities Prints

12" Vinyl and Cassettes available at highdiverecords.com

Listen to PINKO's side here: pinkosanantonio.bandcamp.com/album/pinko-bummer-split-12

Matt Perrin - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Gustafson - Bass
Sam Hutchinson - Drums


released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


BUMMER Kansas City, Missouri

Dude, we're harshing your mellow.

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Track Name: Freedom Cobra
i don't mind the decline
take me with, cleanse my sins

let me drown

what they say, what they know
it might sprout but it won't grow

i don't mind the decline
take me with, cleanse my sins

let me rot

and i fade in and out of my sanity
crossing back and forth, dancing with reality
brain scattered, cold and lost
and i don't feel a thing.

please. leave. me. be.
Track Name: Bossk Hogg
hello, it's me again.
and i know you don't wanna see my face and i understand
we fell in and out of something, i can't explain
and now we've got our hands tied around each other's neck

now i've got something to say and it won't be pretty
it's more of an eyesore.
just tell me the truth
i know you fucked up, and that's okay because i fucked up too.

now i'm walkin' around this town with my tail in-between my legs
stumblin' over this and that thinking of how i could get my brain back

and i'm looking forward to not caring anymore

and i'm fading in
and i'm fading out

let's look in the mirror and see all the people i've let down
i'm just glad i don't have to see your face come around here anymore.
Track Name: Batallica
life is short, here's my short retort

we don't think and we don't care and we don't mind
everything we do just wastes time

"cracks in the pavement, but i'll think he'll be just fine:

endless stream, day after day on repeat

results are in! everyone dies in the end!

fuck all of this.
Track Name: Birthday Snake
i. can't. stand. this.

you think i notice?
you think i care?
what you did back there?

oh i'm fine, so divine

i don't think so, your "charismatic" shit
i don't believe those lies from your lips

oh i'm fine, so divine

i. can't. win.