Holy Terror


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i just told you i don’t feel good please don’t make me repeat myself and i’m shooting down stars to please you. give and take, it’s just give and take cherophobia is the fear of having fun craving warmth underneath a mock sun i know that i botched this just can’t seem to get it system offline, replace hard drive cannot reboot.
oh i’m not coming home, i’ve hit a low. i feel like background noise, like a chewed up toy to be shook but unable to speak, choosing silence over sleep i’ve kept secrets from my friends of incidents i feel so ashamed guilt infects my brain oh i’m not coming home, i’ve hit a low knowing that i have become another statistic.
absent intuition there’s opinion, and there’s truth concepts reaching outwards making distance, gaining youth i don’t really think i wanna be caught up with the “chatter and the small talk of the scene” i think that i’m probably gonna leave i’d rather be at home, and maybe smoking weed ;) don’t wanna go anywhere at all just wanna get lost inside my head sleeping in again, losing all my friends isolation‘s key until the end and you could say that isolation’s key oh do i have news for you oh i’ve lost this game for good absent intuition there’s opinion, and there’s truth concept reaching outwards making distance, gaining youth i’m sick of this.
and i toss in my sleep how it haunts, how it creeps how it crawls on the floor sensing panic, wanting more and i know it’s come for me. who? and the shadow, how it looms seeking refuge to consume the location of the source the immersion, the remorse and i know the time is near. “hey you? what’s up? what’s new?” i guess i ain’t got nothin’ to say. “my brain don’t work these days” i guess i ain’t got nothin’ to say and it bites, and it growls and it fades in and out of the kill, hunting blood craving warmth, wanting love and i know this monster is me. i can’t see or think straight waking up has seem to become a fucking chore i’ve lost sense of living here i am, bleeding out all over the floor.
and i feel like my head is sinking through the floor what a bore, total snore here we go down this old rollercoaster with less composure less time + more stress = something depressed hang my picture on the wall and take a guess this house ain’t no home cold and dead i can feel it take a tight hold this house ain’t no home cold and dead just waiting on the sun to expand 1,000 miles and swallow this planet whole and leave all us behind
ow, my neck hurts. constant numb. and i can’t get a lick of sleep oh here we are once again just collecting dust oh, what’s changed? well? nothing. woah, i’m light headed and brain dead scratching at the surface oh, what’s changed? well? nothing. i am just the leftover piece of trash that you forgot to throw out. i am the same old speck of dirt, and i will die in this hole at some point.
today i’d like to tell a story to the world about a man who thought of makes me hurl catastrophic, self-destructive overbearing scum of the earth oh here we go down this hole that you dug for yourself down you go in the hole that you dug for yourself i could tell who this man might be just know that some consider him family oh here we go down this hole that you dug for yourself
these slits on my wrists represent how i seem to cope with the truth the fact you still love me but i don’t think that i still love you tiny men gamble in my brain decay carving out sins and doubt, blood on display now i sit and wait. everything i love disintegrates loneliness is my sweet escape please oh god please go away i think that i’m going crazy. so peaceful, so dormant, my resting place tile floor, wood rot door, my sweet escape
oh my god well where do i start? i’m falling apart. i guess i asked for this i know i can’t do anything right these fucking days “give me a fucking break, i have a headache.” what’d you find? why’d you come down here?” “give me a fucking break, i can’t think straight” the day drags on.
cut “you think i like it? you think i like doing this? to bring your lover? on this little trip? now don’t you struggle as i cut you to bits.” a simple man, a simple plan cut


released August 24, 2018

Matt Perrin - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Gustafson - Bass
Sam Hutchinson - Drums

Produced by BUMMER & Justin Mantooth
Engineered by Justin Mantooth
Recorded at Westend Recording Studios, Kansas City, KS
Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering, Portland, OR

Cover Photo by Zach Bauman
Layout by Josh Wilkinson

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LP (Learning Curve Records) - bit.ly/2nLBsNu
CD/Cass (High Dive Records) - bit.ly/2KhxwC1


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BUMMER Kansas City, Missouri

Dude, we're harshing your mellow.

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